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Elisa Colette.jpeg

Elisa is a filmmaker and artist originally from France who found her creative home in Los Angeles. 

Fueled by a genuine passion for life stories, she weaves narratives that explore the essence of human experiences in the form of biographical films. Her portfolio spans French, American, and Czech productions, showcasing a dedication to writing compelling narratives rooted in cultural depth. 

Elisa's short films have garnered interest, earning her a Best Foreign Language Film award at the Silicon Beach Film Festival, screening at prestigious events such as the Czech FAMUFEST, the Czesky Lev Magnesia Awards in collaboration with the Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA) and the National Film Fund / Czech Film Center. Additionally, her work has reached audiences in Japan at Sundae Matsudo-Chiba, in the Netherlands at WORM Pirate Bay, in France at her favorite theater “Le Café des Images”, and in the USA at LASFSF and jellyFES, in collaboration with the American Film Institute (AFI).

Picture by Adèle Perrin

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