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30 bis rue du Milieu


Film 10’24






Georges, a "Pied Noir" is 30 years old when the Algerian war ends and has to leave the colonized land.

In 1962, he takes the Ferry to this unknown home: France.

Confused, ashamed, and alienated like in Albert Camus' novel "The Stranger", Georges discovers France and the French who do not want to deal with the Pied Noir.

Georges's Doppelgänger, Marcello Mastroianni embodies Meursault, 5 years later in Luchini Visconti's adaptation of the novel.

This short documentary portrait goes back and forces between the memories of an old man and the fiction of his Doppelgänger experiences. A back and fore between documentary and fiction, mash-up of memory and story where two people inhabit the same body of the stranger.

Hermit Crab

2019 ‧ Drama/Crime ‧ 18'

After locking himself into the car of one of his customers, an agoraphobic holidays’ telephone salesman, who took the habit to break into his costumer’s house to try their life, finds recordings of a Life Coach.

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