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Hermit Crab

2019 - 15m - Short ‧ Drama/Crime - Czech / English

Trapped inside the car of a customer, an agoraphobic holiday salesman, accustomed to exploring his clients' lives by breaking into their homes, stumbles upon a collection of life coaching recordings.

Cinematography: Samuel Zerbato

Producer: Libor Dušek

Line Producer: Martina Bašusová

Cast: Adam Vacula - The Hermit, George Cremaschi - The Life Coach, Daisy Kosmider, Layla Menhem, Nadya Todorova

Makeup: Sky O'hara

Hermit Crab

2019 ‧ Drama/Crime ‧ 18'

After locking himself into the car of one of his customers, an agoraphobic holidays’ telephone salesman, who took the habit to break into his costumer’s house to try their life, finds recordings of a Life Coach.

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