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2017 - 10m - Short Documentary - France

Synopsis: Norsims is a service within the Hospital Center of Caen where one creates fiction, writes scripts, directs, operates mannequins, and announces diagnostics to actors. This service gathers the conditions of an experience where actors of the medical world and the patient of tomorrow confront themselves, every day, to simultaneous realities from the past and the future.

Made in colaboration with: Claire Lesacher, Tomas Lère

Screening «Entre d’eux» Festival / June 2017 / Movie Theater Le Café des Images, France

Hermit Crab

2019 ‧ Drama/Crime ‧ 18'

After locking himself into the car of one of his customers, an agoraphobic holidays’ telephone salesman, who took the habit to break into his costumer’s house to try their life, finds recordings of a Life Coach.

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