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Off With Her Head

Off with her Head

2018 ‧ Musical Biopic ‧ 10'52"​ Czech Republic / Morocco

In the heart of Prague, Hafsa, a queer blues singer with a mysterious past, reflects on her roots in Morocco, a place she left behind. Cloaked in secrecy she dismisses discussions about her departure as she immerses herself in the realm of improvisation. For Hafsa, improvisation is not just a musical technique; it's a visceral experience—a delusion, a trance that courses through her entire being, a form of healing. Within the confines of her enigmatic world, Hafsa's home may be an illusion, but her journey unfolds as a captivating portrait of resilience and musical passion.

La Chasse à Loup

La Chasse à Loup

2016 ‧ Road Movie ‧ 10'  France

In 'Le Detective,' a French magazine delving into true crime, a peculiarly clumsy death sets the stage for 'La Chasse à Loup.' This gripping tale follows a lone female rider on a motorcycle, piecing together fragments of real stories while unraveling a suspenseful pursuit filled with macabre destinies "à la Gertrude Stein."

Prague Sea

Prague Sea

2018 ‧ Documentary ‧ 5' ‧  Czech Republic

Through a visual drifting, Prague Sea aims to explore the tunnels of an obsession and its paradoxical meanings. Inspired by Shakespeare's Bohemian coasts, the film traces Czech history from border-bound Austro-Hungarian times to the unrealized dream of a tunnel connecting Prague to a Beach on the Adriatic.

Bmore to Eat

Bmore To Eat

2016 ‧ Documentary ‧ 11'21''‧ United States

As we contemplate Hannibal Lecter's 83rd birthday, 'Bmore To Eat' probes the extent of his dark shadow and explores the profound revelations it holds about relationships and Plato's myth of the missing half. Delving into the macabre intersections of food and love, the documentary invites viewers to confront the lingering impact of Lecter's legacy on the city of Baltimore and our world.

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